Law Firm Management

Welcome to the Hewitt on Law Firm Management, a website sharing Hewitt’s view on the Management of Law firms.  Hewitt’s past experience include practice in an international law firm serving individuals and businesses. His team provide high-quality legal services. But his interest in more on the Management of law firm in Hong Kong.

In the Past, Hewitt’s practice covers a wide range of legal issues; The clients are individuals, business owners, home owners, employers, and landlords, to name a few. We have many years of experience with civil litigation.

Much of practice involves negligence that has caused serious personal injury and wrongful death; He represent people who have been injured in accidents, in commercial settings, such as stores, parking lots, or elevators, or in motor vehicle accidents. He also represent clients injured as a result of medical malpractice and business owners who need legal representation in contract disputes and business torts.

The goal of establishing this website is to find the best solution for your management of your lawyers firm, either it is in Hong Kong or USA. You are welcome to contact us for a free consultation.