Hong Kong Law Firm – The Legal System and the Legal Service

hong kong law firm

Hong Kong Law Firm – The Legal System and the Legal Service

Nature of the Hong Kong Law Firm

A Law Firm is considered as a vocation where lawyers engage themselves in legal services.  A law firm in Hong Kong is expected to provide their clients with the necessary support including advice and enlightening them about the legal rights and responsibilities they have that can help in the cases they are involved. These clients can be both individuals and corporations that seek proper assistance in civil cases, business transactions and deals, criminal cases, matters regarding property ad entailment and many more. Every country has an organized law firm that is developed over the years to safeguard the rights of its civilians to maintain justice and peace within the country. Out of the law firms all over the world, Hong Kong is one of the most independently growing law firms in the Asian region because Asia’s top-level professionals in the law firm are active participants in the law firm in Hong Kong. Because of this reason Hong Kong is known as the International Law Capital of Asia.

Since 1997, Hong Kong exists as a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China and its entire legal system is based on the theme “One Country, Two Systems” that continues to prevail over the history of Hong Kong, even when it was not declared as an administrative region of China. Though Hong Kong is an extraordinary Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, the law firm of Hong Kong does not have to abide to the laws of the Chinese Government as the National Laws of China will not be applied to Hong Kong except for the laws that are related to defense and foreign affairs included in the Annex III to the Basic Law of Hong Kong.


The progression of the Law Firm of Hong Kong

The law firm of Hong Kong constitutes two significant derivatives as,

  1. Solicitors
  2. Barristers

Solicitors are members of the legal service who have all the required academic and professional qualifications to contract with all kinds of legal matters that the clients seek assistance for in the cases they are involved. Also, solicitors are lawyers who own only limited rights of audience. These solicitors can be as following:

  • Administrative Solicitors
  • Commercial Solicitors
  • Construction Solicitors
  • Property Solicitors
  • Contract Solicitors
  • Employment Solicitors

And barristers are the lawyers who are engaged in legal issues that escalate into the court system who have unlimited rights of audience. However, the law firm of Hong Kong does not allow a lawyer who belongs only to one of these categories to engage in the law practice of the other category. For instance, a solicitor in the Hong Kong law firm cannot practice law as a barrister though he or she is considered to be a lawyer. In order to maintain the standards of barristers and solicitors which are on two different levels the qualifications of professionals of the law firm of Hong Kong is evaluated by two associations namely;

  • The Law Society of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Bar Association

The Law Society of Hong Kong was established in 1907 and is considered as the professional association of the solicitors firm of Hong Kong. It is also the law of society that acts as the law society for the solicitors firm in Hong Kong. And the Hong Kong Bar Association acts as the professional association and the law society for barristers of Hong Kong. These two associations are responsible for the quality and the standard of the lawyers of the Hong Kong law firm as a whole. At present, there are over ten thousand solicitors and barristers who practice law, in the law firm of Hong Kong.

The Solicitors firm in Hong Kong has strengthened over the past years and has reached a position where 892 local solicitor firms are involved in the law firm of Hong Kong. By the end of 2017, there were in total nine thousand four hundred and forty-seven solicitors in the Hong Kong Law Firm, and by 2018 this number of solicitors has been increased.


The services of the Law Firm of Hong Kong

 Hong Kong’s law firm or the solicitors firm renders many services to the Hong Kong administrative as well as to the civilians of Hong Kong. Services that are related to the economy of the mainland of Hong Kong, China are actively rendered by the Hong Kong Law Firm. China is regarded as one of the largest Mergers and Acquisitions markets in Asia. Mergers and Acquisition Markets are the consolidation companies that asset through various types of financial transactions and also refers to the financial institutions that deal with mergers and acquisitions. All kinds of investments related to the Public Republic of China are supported by the professional solicitors of the law firm of Hong Kong. As a result of this active involvement of the top level solicitors in the law firm of Hong Kong in the legal activities of China which has the world’s largest economy, it has developed into a huge network system where the demand for law office is continuously increased day by day. This has also resulted in the Chinese Government’s decision to grant access to the law office of Hong Kong to enter into its mainland market. This decision of China to grant to the legal sector of Hong Kong to enter its market was highly influenced by the implementation of the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement between Hong Kong and China in the year 2004. Accordingly, this has made the Hong Kong law office to improve in the following areas.

  • Hong Kong Permanent Residents are eligible for the National Judicial Examinations
  • Hong Kong Law Firm solicitors are eligible to practice law as legal consultants in Chinese Law Offices
  • Tranquilization of the restrictions associated with the Law Firms of the Republic of China and the Hong Kong Law office.


Accordingly Hong Kong Law Firm has reached a level where it is considered as one of the world’s most active law firms that have resulted in making Hong Kong an International Capital in Asia where millions of legal matters are resolved with the assistance of professional solicitors in the law firm of Hong Kong.

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